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 Commercial & Residential Amenity Services

Popcorn Socials

The smell and sound of popcorn isn't just for the movies. Host a Pop Up popcorn event for your next tenant social. We will set up a popcorn station complete with a stand alone popper, fresh hot popcorn, popcorn bags and a variety of flavorful seasonings for topping.


Kellen Resources introduces a great way for tenants to get to know the people they work with and create business opportunities through Konnect.


Discount Tickets

Tenants can purchase discount movie and theme park tickets online.


Wellness Happy Hours

Kellen Resources organizes corporate and community health fairs nationwide. Wellness events are interactive and engaging with health screenings and employee giveaways. Health fairs can be customized to accomplish your goals.


Citi Auto Spa

We can set up an onsite auto detail service for your tenants providing an array of services from hand wash to full service exterior and interior detail.


CITI Runner

There is never enough time in a day to get things done but now tenants can rely on Citi Runner.  Citi Runner performs everyday errands for tenants such as light grocery shopping, dry clearing pick-ups and much more.


Boutique Events

Chocolates, jewelry, gifts oh my! For Valentine's Day to Mothers' Day and the holidays, a boutique event features local artisans and crafters who create handmade and unique specialty items.


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Citi Snacks

An online vending service for tenants to purchase snacks and beverages online. The online vending store can be customized for your building.

Citi Auto Club

Tenants will appreciate this time saving amenity by eliminating a trip to the gas station! Avoid running on empty and a stop to the gas station before or after work or in route to a meeting. Fill up your tank with regular or premium fuel without leaving the office. For more information on this service please contact us


Pack & Parcel

A convenient package delivery service to send personal parcels for pick up at a business location rather than a residential address where packages are exposed to porch pirates.


Cooking Class

This is a fun and educational workshop. Food is prepared offsite or onsite. Attendees observe how the food is prepared including nutritional information. Participants are treated to taste tests during the instruction.


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Yoga Classes

The perfect class to help your tenants stay in shape. Instructors are experienced and trained professionals.


dog listening with big ear

Pawlaties offers discounted dog walking services for residential tenants.


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